AccuValve is Accutrol’s innovative Airflow Control Device – the first airflow control valve designed for use in critical environments and the first to be recognized for its significant value impact. A 2008 & 2016 AHR Expo “Innovation-Value-Impact Award” winner and the preferred choice of many of the world’s most prestigious and demanding clients. The AccuValve is the standard by which all critical environment airflow control valves are measured. It operates with very low pressure drop, provides true airflow measurement without a straight duct run requirement and is easily installed. In addition, each AccuValve incorporates “ready” Demand Based Static Pressure Reset Control to meet the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 and provides substantial long-term energy savings.


Petroleum & Chemistry Research

vital to laboratory safety and efficiency, and are trusted by universities; biotech facilities; pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing facilities; hospitals; water treatment plants and secondary schools such as Chemistry & Teaching Laboratories;


vital to the safety and efficiency of life science environments, and are trusted by universities; biotech facilities and pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing facilities such as Life Science support space & Vivarium;


assist healthcare facilities in providing low energy use, sustainable environments that are comfortable for patients and staff and provide precise airflow measurement and control in their critical spaces. Sustainable design of our products ensures we meet the demands of small outpatient surgery centers to large teaching and research hospitals such as Isolation and Operating room;

Advantages & Benefits of AccuValve:

  • Ease of installation

  • Low Pressure Drop

  • Lower Noise

  • Retrofit Installations

  • Real Air Flow measurement