Demand Ventilation Indoor Air Quality System from MSA-USA:

The Demand Ventilation IAQ from MSA is used to safely adjust ventilation rates to reduce HVAC energy costs by 40-60% in laboratory spaces, and by 10-30% in non-laboratory areas. Universities, commercial buildings and research centers, are quickly realizing that accurate and reliable IAQ solutions can be their most significant energy efficiency measure in their facilities.

The economical, efficient MultiGard Air Sampling System uses auto-standardization and flexible sample point order to analyze air from up to 32 locations. Maintenance and calibration are made easy because all the work is performed at a single location, while also ensuring personnel don’t have to enter the monitored area. The unit directly connects to Allen-Bradley’s (AB) Ethernet or Data Highway Plus™ networks, which allows communication to other equipment or controllers. The system also has an “internet-connect” option, which allows secure viewing at one’s personal computer. The screen provides easy-access scroll-down menus and visual indicators of sensor condition.
MSA MultiGard system continuously collects air samples from the building. Air samples are gathered from individual spaces and the sampling panel with the required air sensors do the required analysis. The sampled data is then transmitted to the building Management System for the required ventilation control system to reduce energy costs while improving indoor environmental quality.

A range of sensors are available to measure, for example:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Dewpoint temperature
  • Total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs)
  • Airborne particulates


MSA MultiGard solutions are a key contributor to IEQ and energy efficiency points as defined by the US Green Building Council and it helps your building gain LEED certification!