Renovation, retrofit and refurbishment of existing buildings represent an opportunity to upgrade the energy performance of building assets for their ongoing life. Often retrofit involves modifications that may improve energy efficiency or decrease energy demand Upgrading the airflow control systems in the healthcare and lab facilities is always accompanied with various challenges:

Short of Mechanical System Capacity

One of the big challenges that face any upgrade plans is the existing mechanical system capacity. Replacing the existing air flow control devices, dampers or air terminals may require changing the supply AHU / the extract fans due to the new system higher pressure requirements.

Our Solution:

  • Accutrol Air Valves are low-pressure valves by design, Accuvalves can operate as low as by Reducing the overall pressure drop in a ventilation system will allows the system to run at a lower static pressure; This will significantly reduce the AHU fans consumed power & will definitely reduce the noise level.

Installation complexity & Execution time

In an occupied building, it is always challenging to the client & to the contractor to do the upgrade with minimum disturbance to the facility operations.

Our Solution

  • Accutrol Air Valves
    • Accuvalves can be installed at any orientation
    • Accuvalves can be installed using draw-band clamps
    • Accuvalves can be controlled using the existing BMS controls.


  • Setra Room Pressure Monitors: Easy to install, using any standard back-box , the Setra monitors are a great choice for the retrofit applications.

Building Structural Strength

Replacing or upgrading the Extract fans will always require paying attention to the structure strength of the building & whether it can handle the weight & the size of the new equipment.

Our Solution

  • MK Plastics Hazardous Extract Fans & K-KORE Energy Recovery Plenum:
    • High Efficiency Extract Fans requires lower horse power. All MK Plastics are AMCA certified for performance & has the highest FEG (fan efficiency grade) in the market. Higher Efficiency fans results in a smaller fan sizes & thus a lower weight
    • Revolutionary plenum solution for Energy Recovery Units that is fabricated from composite material, with Lightweight construction. Up to 40% weight savings vs. steel construction.