EBTRON is the industry leader in Thermal Dispersion Airflow Measurement Stations & instruments , EBTRON introduced the first economically viable thermal dispersion airflow measuring device for HVAC applications in the early 1980s. The Company pioneered outdoor airflow measurement for control later that decade. EBTRON’s continued commitment to new product development has allowed the Company to remain the leader in its field after more than 30 years of operation. EBTRON truly is a measurable difference!

EBTRON airflow measuring devices (AMD) are the result of the Compa­ny’s more than 25 years of experience manufacturing high-performance thermal dispersion instruments. AMDs are available to measure in ducts or plenums, fan inlets and a range of specialty applications and can interface with any building auto­mation system (BAS).


All Advantage products are complete AMDs that include the sensor probes and transmitter. As a result, no additional transmitters or transducers are required to interface with your BAS. This results in single source responsibility with improved accuracy and lower equipment first-cost. Transmitters are available with traditional analog output signals (0- 10 VDC/4-20mA) as well as RS-485 (BACnet® MS/TB, BACnet®, ARC­NET, Modbus RTU, JCI® N2-Bus), Ethernet (BACnet® TCP/IP, Modbus) or Lon®, all at no additional charge.


What is Thermal dispersion?

Thermal flow meters have two sensors immersed into the flow stream: a “Temperature Sensor(s)” which measures the actual air temp inside the duct as a reference-regardless of flow velocity and heated sensor called a “Velocity Sensor(s).”

Thermal dispersion mass flow meters use heat to measure flow. The Velocity Sensor is heated continuously via electrical wattage, so that a predefined temp differential is always maintained. As the air flow begins, heat is drawn from heated Velocity Sensor via air molecules flowing past. Heat is dispersed as it is carried off by the flow. Knowing the duct size, the cooling effect is then converted to airflow by a precise electronic microprocessor controller.