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CRC is the leading technology company developing superior solutions for the critical Laboratory, Life Science and Healthcare environment.
We pride ourselves in delivering systems that provide best in class controls united with user interface devices that improve space management and access to critical information. The contemporary critical environment found in hospitals, laboratories, vivarium and biological containment facilities require accurate efficient and verifiable monitoring and control. Through technology and innovation CRC uniquely delivers a system that ensures safety while optimizing energy efficiency and a great work environment.

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Room Pressure Monitor/Controller

CRC Room Pressure Monitors are specifically designed to give personnel a clear, accurate, and unambiguous indication of its pressure environment and alarm status. Unlike other monitors that include LEDs or LCDs with cluttered graphics and confusing / hard to use interfaces, CRC uses clear to understand graphics with a bright vibrant color touch-screen that can be easily configured to meet what the facility needs.
Some of the features that make CRC’s Room Pressure Controller the industry leader includes:

  • 4.3” Touch Screen display
  • 5 fully customizable modes
  • Shows precaution information (Airborne, Droplet, Contact, Standard, None)
  • Best in class industrial grade dead ended direct pressure measurement
  • Onboard BACnet MS/TP Communications
  • I/O and Network diagnostic functions

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MultiView Integrated Pressure Monitoring System

The MultiView is an advanced 7″ LCD touchscreen display that was designed to be configured for any monitoring or sequencing application. It’s core function is to give local access to critical information in an easy to read display. Its versatile design allows any of its on-board analog, digital inputs, or network connections to drive the information being displayed on the screen. Additionally, any of the on-board analog outputs or relays can be setup to drive a signal out to a BAS or peripheral device such as a valve or VFD. The MultiView supports up to six (6) fully configurable graphical icons. The six graphical icons allow the facility user to view and/or make changes to point values, modes, status, set points, and alarms.

  1. 7” advanced 7″ LCD touchscreen
  2. Display of point values, set points, point status or space mode.
  3. 16 configurable I/O points (4 AIs, 4 DIs, 4 AOs and 4 relay outputs)
  4. BACNET MS/TP Communication
  5. Monitoring of temperature, pressure, humidity, ACH and Airflow.
  6. Airflow sensor reading can be connected Physically to the MV Controller or        MAPPED through BACnet network.

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